Genioplasty & Double chin removal

Chin Surgery (Genioplasty)

Chin surgery, or genioplasty, corrects a very broad or very narrow chin. It is done by restructuring the jawbone and/or using implants and fat grafts or fillers. Our team of surgeons and medical specialists guides our patients through every step of the chin surgery process to ensure the best results possible.

Double Chin

Most of us would like to see a streamlined profile when we look in the mirror. However, some of us unfortunately have excess fat that creates a double chin, also called submental fullness, which can be quite embarrassing. It could be due to a variety of factors including hereditary factors, weight, anatomy and airway positioning.

A double chin can be effectively corrected with a combination of liposuction and muscle tightening techniques by our skilled surgeons.

Do you need a chin surgery?

Chin surgery corrects receding chins, chin misalignment and/or double chins. If you are concerned with the position, shape or contour of your chin, chin surgery may be a good option for you to consider.

Ideal Candidates

Chin surgery is best for patients who are otherwise in good health, without active diseases or serious, pre-existing medical conditions. It is a commonly performed plastic surgery procedure.

A small or receding chin that seems too small in proportion to other facial features can make the nose appear overly long. A double chin can be very embarrassing for some. Surgeons often restructure the bones or use chin implants to balance the features of a younger patient or may use genioplasty in conjunction with a mix of liposuction as well as muscle tightening procedures in a more mature patient.


Reshaping the chin can be accomplished either by using chin implants or by repositioning the bone supporting the chin. Many types of implants are available, manufactured from a variety of materials, including silicone or other substances. Our surgeon will consult with you and discuss recommendations for the type of implant and fat grafts to use. During the procedure, the surgeon makes an incision inside the lower lip or under the chin. The surgeon then repositions the chin bone or places an implant through this incision.

Enhancing the Procedure

Genioplasty is frequently combined with liposuction of the neck, nose surgery (rhinoplasty) a neck lift (submental lipectomy) or laser skin resurfacing.

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Surgery Preparation


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  • Before-Double Chin Correction
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