Enhancing Your Smile with Lip Reduction

Lip reduction—a procedure done to enhance the features of one’s face by reducing the upper or lower lip size, and making it proportionate to the rest of the face. Many opt for lip reduction because the procedure allows them to sport a youthful look. Lip reduction surgery, medically termed as cheiloplasty, helps in making unusually big and fat or protruding lips look better. The surgeon decreases the size of one lip or both lips and creates an aesthetic looking lip. Post-surgery, one may experience mild pain and swelling for a week.

The cosmetic surgery is a common choice for many as it gives a youthful and sensual look to one’s face while making it symmetric. It makes large upper lips slimmer, providing a beautiful and natural lip line. It’s a fast procedure with no downtime, leaving no scars behind. Lip reduction does come with its risks. A few complications that could arise are infection, allergy, anesthetic reaction, pain, swelling, bleeding, bruising, and numbness, to name a few. But with the right surgeon to take care of you, the pros outweigh the risks. In almost every case, patients resume their normal day-to-day routine immediately after the procedure.