As you get older the following changes develop in the face which make you look older and tired.

  1. Lines and creases develop in the neck.
  2. A double chin is formed.
  3. The tight jaw line is lost and jowls develop.
  4. The cheeks sag or hollow out.
  5. The eyes look tired.
  6. The eye brows start to sag.

Friends often tell you that you look tired even though you are not tired. Surgical facial rejuvenation techniques address these problems and give you a fresh look. After the surgery you often get to appear about ten years younger. The techniques are aimed at long lasting results.


Face Lift in Kerala

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Surgical procedure

Hidden hair line incisions are made. The muscle layer (SMAS) under the skin is tightened. This results in a natural, fresh, younger look.

Other facial procedures include