How to Prepare for Chin Augmentation

One of the best ways to add definition and prominence to a weak chin is with a chin augmentation surgery. This procedure is highly common and helps to enhance your face shape while building one’s confidence. Keep these recommendations in mind before your chin augmentation for a smooth sailing experience:

Get any dental work done before the surgery: Make sure you have your cavities filled and any root canal procedures done. Ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy pre-surgery.

Gather supplies that’ll be needed post surgery: Before you leave for the hospital, keep a few things ready at home. You’d need a few supplies to get you through recovery. Have freezable gel packs by your bedside as well as entertainment like movies and books. It’s advisable to prop up your pillows to sleep comfortably.

Prepare your post surgery meals, preferably consisting of a liquid diet: Jelly, soup, and juice are your best options for your meals post-op. Preparing and stocking your fridge with these items is easier for you or for your carer. Make sure that your soups and juices are rich in nutrition and provide a lot of energy.

Know your recovery timeline: It takes up to a week to return back to work and two weeks to continue daily activities. Your chin may take around three months to get the shape of your desired look, it is important to know beforehand that this will require time and patience.

Take extra care and rest for the first 72 hours post-op: Since the first three days require you to take complete rest, have someone take care of you and help you through all your necessary activities. Swelling and irritation are normal but if you have concerns, don’t hesitate to call your doctor.

Your doctor will sometimes recommend that you get augmentation surgery with Rhinoplasty to enhance your facial appearance.